About Us

The Buildcorp Foundation supports charitable causes important to the Buildcorp team.

The Buildcorp community has never shied away from its responsibility to be more than just a business, consistently involved in many charitable events, great causes or things in the community our people are passionate about. In 2012 we asked ourselves how could we do the same but have a greater impact? How could we create a situation where 1 + 1 could equal 3? The answer came in the creation the Buildcorp Foundation. This is a charitable structure through which the extended Buildcorp family is able to support our community. Each year the Buildcorp Foundation Committee will select a recipient of the funds from those initiatives and causes nominated by the Buildcorp team.

Our success is the perfect illustration of collective power in action. The entire Buildcorp community came together to make a bigger difference. In the first 12 months we raised over $250,000 and quickly grew beyond our sub fund structure.

Today, the Buildcorp Foundation is a purpose built independent charitable structure with full DGR status striving to embody the power of coming together to give more.


Tim is incredibly proud of his association with the Buildcorp Foundation and he is also enormously grateful for the friendship that has been shown to him. For us the best part of our association with Buildcorp is being able to make things happen and see a change. Their inspiring inclusion of Tim is an example to others of making a difference. As Tim says 'The Buildcorp Foundation rocks!!'

Tim Sharp with Judy Sharp, World renowned artist with Autism and art ambassador for the ABC's mental health awareness and fundraising programme 'Mentalas' (2015),

Lifestart greatly appreciates the generosity and commitment of The Buildcorp Foundation and the Buildcorp Team. Whether it is through workplace giving, volunteering or participating in one of our events, The Buildcorp Foundation is helping us promote inclusion for all children and young people.

Suzanne Becker, CEO, Lifestart Co-operative Ltd

My sincere thanks to Tony and Josephine Sukkar. With Buildcorp’s generosity and commitment we continue to be able to provide the highest standard of cancer care to our patients – without you some of this would not be possible. Our heartfelt thanks for your support, we are blessed to know you both and it really is a pleasure to be associated with Buildcorp.

Barbara Ward, Managing Director, Sydney Adventist Hospital Foundation